The Fire brigade Mystery

Widmark and Willis extraordinary popular characters Lasse and Maja have gained Vallebys brightest minds after more than 10 years in the detective business.

Case number 23 turns out to be a mystery beyond the ordinary: two fires have broken out in Valleby the past week. And that’s not the only thing, precious objects been stolen at the same time as the fires! It’s time for Lasse and Maja to turn out!

The tranquility of summer rests over Valleby. Lasse and Maja take the opportunity to clean up the large detective agency premises. During a well-deserved break Lasse reads in the newspaper about the fires raging in the small town.

And, as everyone knows, a misfortune seldom comes alone. After each fire brigade apperance another disaster has been revealed: the jeweler Muhammad Karat’s expensive gold necklace disappeared, and Barbro Palm at the museum is horrified when she discovers that the precious Ming vase is stolen!

Lasse and Maja come to the rescue in a hurry!