The Prison Mystery

Case number 24 is a different mystery in an unusual setting. A theatre play at Valleby prison just has its premier when the actors disappear without a trace.
Luckily Lasse and Maja are in the audience.
The vicar puts on Hamlet at Valleby prison. He wants to cheer up the inmates with an exciting play about murder and betrayal where prisoners play the three main rolls. On opening night “everyone “ in Valleby is there! But as soon as the plays begin the actors start to behave in a crazy way. The king hops in and out from a trapdoor in the stage, Hamlet throws the skull high in the air and Ophelia does somersaults. Some people are appalled but most start laughing and when the curtain goes down the audience stands and applauds.
But despite all the applause the actors never appear again on stage and when finally the vicar pulls back the curtain a horrible sight meets their eyes…