The Bicycle Mystery

Success detectives Lasse and Maja solve new cases in Valleby!

Lasse and Maja have become Vallebys brightest minds after more than 10 years in the detective business. Case 22 proves to be the hardest nut to crack: who is the rightful winner of the city’s bike race? Participants seems to be more than a little fishy … It will be, as always, exciting, fun, and easy to read when Lasse and Maja is back in business !

The first to cross the finish line on the main square in Valleby will win a gold medal and – not least – 10 000 swedish kronor. All participants seem to be certain of victory when they are interviewed before the race and during the race. They seem to spare no means to achieve their goals. But are you allowed to do everything to get first?

The police chief can’t keep up with the pace and get really confused before the ceremony. Luckily Lasse and Maja are there: Lasse as a cyclist and Maja as hard trainer and observer. Together, they put two and two together…